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Food Mumbai Craves When it rains The onset of the monsoons brings a relief from the humid, heat wave of Mumbai. The rains are welcomed with open arms and a food craving that is unique to every individual. These food items are a part and parcel of monsoon just as the ripeness of mangoes, a tamarind treat, a chatpatta Kairi panna, or a chilly cup of ice cream in the summers. Vishnuji Ki Rasoi knows exactly what you feel like devouring when it rains. Here, we list five monsoon food items which are enjoyable at anytime, anywhere! 1. Samosas We can spice up and give a break to the gloominess of the drizzles with the wide variety of samosas to select from. Gone are the times when only potato samosas were available at roadside joints. Now, there is a wide selection from paneer samosas to veggie samosas. When teamed with sweet and tangy chutneys and chillies, Samosas blend perfectly well with the drops of water pouring outside. 2. Onion Pakoras/ Kanda Bhaji These kinds of bhajiyas are categorised as an easy snack of crispy fried onion rings with the tinkling of waters outdoors. It is prepared and served hot with tea, coffee or combined with dips to add flavour to Kanda bhajiyas. The warmth of pakoras results in counting them as being the top favourites of the foodies here. 3. Kadak Masala Chai The heavy splashes of rains chills us out, the same goes with a round of hot, steaming Masala Chai. Every cup has a secret - added flavour in every drop, different serving technique, even different serving utensils such as cups, kullads, pyaalaa (bowls) or even drinking out of a saucers. Out it all together, and you will find that some of our finest memories are associated with a cup of masala chai and ‘tip, tip, tip, tip baarish’. 4. Jalebi The downpours develop a craving for spicy foods but also lead us into temptations for warm and mouth- watering thin jalebis. A lot of people combine jalebi with chilled dahi (yoghurt) to create a sweet and sour, hot and cold double impact! Another way is teaming it with rabdi which add to its sweetness and its juicy texture. Many people gel it well with spicy eatables which compliment it as a contrast to the other aromas, flavours and tastes. What a perfect, drool-worthy companion during Mumbai rains! 5. Chaat The final entrée on this list are the unforgettable chaats like paani puri, bhel puri, and sev puri. These chaats are really amazing for their tangy taste mixed with a sweet taste of chutney and, to top it all, assorted teekhi chutneys and crispy farsaan. Each topping can be adjusted as per your liking. Adding to the flavour of the puris are potatoes and chickpea ragada garnished with onions and coriander leaves. Chaats are definitely a hot favourite among the foodies of Mumbai when it rains. Vishnuji knows that food and rains go hand in hand. Which is why we offer all these delectable monsoon feasts in the comfort of our dhaba themed restaurant. So when Mumbai craves masala chai, chaat, samosas, pakoras or jalebis – head on down to Vishnuji Ki Rasoi at Thane, and we will make sure you go home satiated!
Varhadi or nagpur food / Saoji food in Mumbai India has many types of cuisine . One special taste comes From middle part of india- Vidarbha region . Most famous is the Saoji preparations . Saoji speciality is known for the special masala preparations and unique combination of all spice ingredients prepared in a special way called after a community -Saoji . Same type of masala is used for veg or non-veg preparations and is liked by many . Vishnuji Ki Rasoi serves freshly prepared and some of the special dishes from nagpur / vidarbha region . Shev bhaji , Payal bhaji , Patwari rassa , zhunka are some of the examples which you can try with traditional way of cooking and serving . Contact - sandeep 9920920000 For more info visit us at
Tip tip barsa paani! Mumbai rains are finally here and what better way to enjoy it than over a cup of kadak chai at Thane's best dhaaba - Vishnuji ki Rasoi. #Mumbairains #thane
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#Quiz time! Lets us know in comment section below as to which is your favourite #Mumbai #streetfood? 1) Vada Pav 2) Pani Puri 3) Kanda(onion) Bhaji 4) Papdi Chaat (Try different snacks only at Vishnuji Ki Rasoi Thane)