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Yashomati mayya ka nand lala, Maakhan chor, Vasudeva, Govinda, Baanke Bihari, Gopala, Kaanha, Kanhayya - so many names that are loved the same. Vishnuji Ki Rasoi celebrates the birth of Lord Kirshna. Wishing everyone a very joyful Janmashtami! #Janmashtami #Krishna #DahiHandi #Govinda #Thane #Mumbai #Foodie #Weekend
Happy #Shravan!!! #ShravanMaas(month) - the 5th month of the Hindu calendar begins today. This entire month is dedicated to the worshipping of Lord Shiva and every Monday i.e. Somvar people keep fasting or vrat for a prosperous year ahead. For those who are keeping #ShravanSomvar Vrat then come to Vishnuji Ki Rasoi Thane in the evening to break your fast as we only provide delicious pure vegetarian food.
Tomorrow is the auspicious occasion of Ganesh #Sankhasti and at #VishnujiKiRasoiThane we offer Lord Ganesha's favourite #Modak for free with our famous #Maharashtrian Thali. So please do visit us...For reservations please call 9920920000
Ganesh Utsav is just around the corner and at #VishnujiKiRasoiThane we celebrate it as Modakotsav. A 10 days festival where you can try 10 different varieties of #Modak (including steamed or Ukadiche Modak) which is a favourite sweet dish of Lord Ganesh free with our thali every day. We also take parcel order for all different types of Modak with a minimum amount of ₹20/Modak. Call 9920920000 for parcel orders and reservations.
Vishnuji Ki Rasoi Thane wishes you all a Happy Ganesh Chaturthi! Today is the start of the 10 days celebration of Lord Ganesh also known as Vighnaharta (the remover of obstacles) and at #VishnujiKiRasoiThane we celebrate it as Modakotsav...Where every day you can try 10 different varieties of #Modak (including steamed or #Ukadiche Modak) free with our thali. We take parcel order for all different type of Modak as well. For reservations or parcel order please call 9920920000.
It is time to say goodbye to Lord Ganesh with a wish in our heart for him to visit us soon Ganapati Bappa Morya...Pudchya Varshi Lavkar Ya🙏
Today on the occasion of Ganesh #Sankhasti Vishnuji Ki Rasoi Thane offers free #Modak (Lord Ganesha's favourite) with the #Maharashtrian Thali Come and break your fast with us...For reservations please call 9920920000
To help you impress Lord #Ganesha and seek his blessings, in this episode of #Mejwani Paripoorna Kitchen Chef Vishnu Manohar demonstrates the preparation of Modakacha Saran and Coconut Strips. He also prepares delicious #Raghavdas #Ladoo. Click to learn how to prepare these divinely delectable #recipes!